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About Us

Aman Corporation for Industrial Ores and Chemicals is the first leading company in Yemen. Aman Corporation for Industrial Ores and Chemicals established in 2004 through its work in the field of importing industrial Ores, chemicals , industrial supplies of equipment and machines in order to create a business opportunities that brings us together specially with our clients and create a movement for industrial development in Yemen. Generally by covering the needs of local industries for government institutions and the public sector and mixed sector handicrafts in order to create an industrial and investment environment that reduces the depletion of foreign currency and the import of many products and provides jobs for tens of thousands workers in manufacturing industries or Transformational industries. And not only that, but also contributed In the training , rehabilitation , supplying the market with trained hands through the establishment of technical workshops , support of small and medium projects with technical studies and industrial researches. In addition, we provide the raw materials with large facilities to enable productivity, competition, and other services .that would result in the growth and spread of many different industries in the areas of manufacturing such as; giant communications towers, electricity supplies, lighting poles, manufacturing of household appliances, thermal ovens, manufacturing of gas car accessories. Moreover, we provide the raw materials for manufacturing of steel, gypsum, glass, rubber, and plastic industry. Also, for manufacturing of textile weaving, providing their different dyes. In addition to manufacturing of Paint , building paints , industrial gases, professional institutes requirements, the manufacture of disinfectants and detergents, the manufacture of soap and perfumes, the requirements of cement factories, the re-manufacturing of iron, metal scraps, re-melting, casting , reconstitution, and coating them with metals through the installation of many electro-zinc plating tanks with chromium, copper, From chemical coatings to ... etc. Moreover, not only that, but also contributed to the provision of all requirements and equipment for occupational health and safety and specialized brochures for each field in the protection of human health and environment. We also established Aman Development Organization for the protection of human and environment against chemical damages, which contributed to reduce the misuse of chemicals and raising its proficiency and community awareness in this field.

Establishment Idea

Our scientific approach and accumulated experience have allowed us from the beginning to see more closely the various projects, ideas and investment opportunities. Our awareness of the current and future needs of industrial development in Yemen, is facing obstacles especially in medium , small industries and crafts including the scarcity of raw materials and the inability to import or acquire quality in the presence of commercial fraud and negative industrial alternatives incompatible with required quality and also modern technical equipment and ways to deal with them. This is what made us plan to establish our corporation in order to do these tasks and correspond our interest with the interests of our customers and with the national interest of Yemen and create an industrial environment in Yemen. Where our main station is the small industries on which the world's largest economies such as Japan, China, India, Korea and other large economic countries depended on at the start. Aman Corporation has become a reality that provides many industrial services and puts the expertise of its qualified engineers to serve their customers and help them to recognize and characterize their industrial needs and develop the required plans to develop their existing projects. Moreover, provide suggestions and advice to start new projects with a high degree of precision, professionalism and taking into consideration the characteristics and factors of their territory and the observed budget. Moreover, the appropriate production capacity in addition to the selection of technology, the suggestion of its sources and assistance in the processing. The Corporation shall also ensure the quality of the specifications of the production lines supplied, supervise their manufacture, shipment, and installation and supply In the future, with the necessary training and rehabilitation cadres in the applied workshop. In order to revive the Yemeni domestic market with many products that annually provide millions of dollars of foreign imported products to the national economy

Founder's Message

Speech of the Founder Chairman of the Boar Respected Customers, and colleagues. Thank you for your interest in Aman Corporation for Industrial Ores and Chemicals Thanks to God and our dedicated efforts and accumulated experience in the development of industrial projects, our company has obtained many certificates of appreciation and decorations; the largest one is from the government and the Yemeni presidency. Since its establishment, Aman Corporation for Industrial Ores and chemicals has become a leading player in the Yemeni markets. As the only entity that can supply its customers all their industrial requirements. From its headquarters in Sana'a, and with the support of the network through our offices we have been able to reach and provide service to customers throughout Yemen. Since its inception, the corporation has been providing perfect business services to all clients in all governorates of the Republic. This is achieved throw the dedication of our team of experts. Our accumulated experience in developing industrial projects and the full cooperation of the companies producing raw materials remains the main factor in our success. The confidence and satisfaction of our customers with what we have presented to them and their success in achieving high profitability is a source of pride for us. In addition, an increase of confidence and motivation to ensure constant improvement in the quality of services and development of working ways. I would like to thank all of our customers for their contribution to enhance Aman Industrial Materials Industrial Raw Materials and Industrial Supplies Import brands, which has become synonymous to confidence and responsibility in providing its customers with a reliable and secure company that offers quality products and services. I look forward to our continued positive cooperation in the future

Future Projects

Our company seeks to establish a partnership with local or international companies to find various plants for the production of raw materials from the Yemeni industrial rocks to achieve sufficiency for local industries instead of imported materials of high economic quality.

Our Policy

Our policy is to give our customers the best value for their time and money. Accordingly, our customers are our main target - we must anticipate and work on their needs so that this is a priority for us. We must take the lead in prioritizing our priorities, implementing our plans, and progressing steadily to achieve our long-term and short-term goals.


We work together for a better future Our managerial and technical cadres with great experience and skill are the real bet on their leading business role and their ability to turn challenges into opportunities and development.


By providing raw materials, technical studies and high quality services that our customers need, they become able to compete with external imports

Our goal

• Providing integrated solutions to our clients.
• To be the world leader in the marketing of industrial raw materials.


Quality Policy and Objectives of Aman Corporation for industrial ores and chemicals is committed to provide quality products, excellent reputation and services that meet the needs and aspirations of our customers and contribute to the preservation of the health of the environment and the safety of the community. This is achieved through the following quality objectives:

• Meet The Wishes And Needs Of Customers Beyond their Expectations.
• Taking decisions in the institution according to the study and analysis of data.
• Continuing development of performance and keeping pace with the application of Total Quality Management.
• Pay attention to the diversity and expansion of the corporation activities.
• Raise the efficiency and skills of the employees in the Corporation.
• Contributing in the development of society.